Taking our exhibition to the Freedom Festival

Last weekend I took the Bringing breathlessness into view exhibition to the beautiful Hepworth Arcade for Hull’s Freedom Festival. The exhibition was described in the program as ‘a unique collaboration between the Medical and the Arts world’ and I was very heartened by the public response to it!

Over five days there were 199 visitors, many of whom took a copy of the Guide to living well with breathlessness to get tips on managing breathlessness for themselves or those they care for.

Visitors said how striking the images are and that it has changed how they think about breathlessness:

‘Stunning images giving an awareness of a condition that I was not familiar with. The images speak volumes!’

‘It is sad to think how people struggle with their reality, but good that we are thinking and talking about it.’

‘It will support my work with carers and help them support their loved ones.’

Alongside the exhibition local artist Anna Bean held two collage workshops on the theme of ‘loneliness and togetherness’. Both workshops were fully booked and participants enjoyed the chance to make collages and reflect on their experiences.

‘What a fun, entertaining activity. Keeps creativity alive in communities-amazing!’

‘Really fun and relaxing workshop! Really insightful on what people with breathlessness deal with.’

Altogether it was a great thing to be part of the Freedom Festival, which each year highlights different aspects of human experience, and the exhibition fitted very well with this year’s theme of loneliness!

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