Living a full life

It’s over a year since we opened our exhibition and I would like to remember one of our participants who led a very full life-Else. She designed this beautifully cheery picture to show the many ways she was making the most of life and to encourage others to do so too.

Else used an array of photos taken when she was out and about to make this image. The blue jacket you can see her wearing in many of the pictures is her Hull City of Culture 2017 volunteer uniform-she was very proud of that!

Being breathless hasn’t stopped me from doing things. I get around using my scooter, it gave me my freedom back as I was in danger of not going out because I couldn’t walk far with being breathless.

Like many other people she found that a scooter could help her take part in activities so that she could live a full life despite her breathlessness. There are many things which can help breathless people get out more including scooters, wheeled walkers and blue badges. Sometimes people can feel a little embarrassed about using these things, but there is no need to-the most important thing is to keep being able to take part in activities that you want to!

It can be worrying knowing whether to get out and about with the coronavirus still present around us. A drive to the countryside, a walk in the park or tea in the garden are all ways to feel a little more free right now. Take care to keep a good distance from others if you go out, but do keep on living a full life in any ways you can…

I would very much like to hear how you are living a full life so please leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Living a full life”

  1. Andrea Jane Downie

    I am so proud my mum took part in this , if just one person follows , uses a scooter (or any mobility aid) to gain their independence back my mum would be smiling down on us all right now, My mum was a very bubbly outgoing person and she would say do it !!!! My mum sadly passed away in July 2019 x

    1. Thank you for your comment Andrea-I’m sorry for your loss. It was wonderful having your mum on this project and she was indeed inspiring!

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