In collaboration with artists and local people living with breathlessness, we have created the Bringing Breathlessness into View exhibition, which aims to raise awareness of what it is like to live with breathlessness, and enable people to access support to manage breathlessness well.

Our research shows that patients with breathlessness feel poorly understood, stigmatised, and less able to participate in life. Hull is an area with high rates of respiratory disease and yet breathlessness management is not routinely offered.

This multi-media mobile exhibition has been co-created by local people living with breathlessness, photographic and sound artists and health researchers. The exhibition has striking images and engaging sound recordings to help people understand what it is like to have breathlessness.

Where is the exhibition on display?

This is a mobile exhibition and has previously been on display at GP surgeries, health centres, community centres and at clinical training events across Hull and the East Riding. We will take this mobile exhibition to anywhere that requests it. We hope visitors will find the exhibition thought provoking and develop a greater understanding of the difficulties it causes.

Would you like to host the exhibition?

If you would like to host the exhibition for a day at your GP surgery, community centre, event, shopping centre or elsewhere, we welcome you to get in touch with us.

At the exhibition, visitors can chat with us to find out about living with breathlessness. We also provide useful information about where to get support and tips to help themselves at home.

To request to host the exhibition please email Dr Ann Hutchinson (ann.hutchinson@hyms.ac.uk)

More information

For further information about the exhibition please visit the Hull York Medical School website.