Artwork from the Bringing Breathlessness into View exhibition

Arts and Health

How can the arts and health go together? Listen to our interview with Joe Hakim on BBC Radio Humberside to hear how we are trying to bring breathlessness into view using the arts.

In the interview Janice says the exhibition makes breathlessness become more real and that she hopes people understand how life changing breathlessness is. Here are two images she co-created with Anna Bean.

These two images have been much commented on by attendees of our exhibition:

Thinking about the image of the lady with her head in the clouds is particularly powerful for me. I think it shows the indiscriminate nature of breathlessness by having the face of the person covered with the cloud. Not putting a face shows it can affect anyone.

I think that the lady being so tall in comparison to the rest of the world around her represents the personal scale of the problem that people with breathlessness face.

The person depicted in the image may feel lonely and isolated from the rest of the world as they are the only one in the image.

My world may be getting smaller but this picture is positive and helps me realise that I still have something to add!

How does the artwork in these images make you feel?

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    I have always thought the lady with her head in the clouds is very expressive about how you feel when suffering from breathlessness. It is an invisible illness and hiding in the clouds makes you look invisible, very clever whoever did that artwork.

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